1: Hearing your name called A spiritual sign Unlocking cosmic whispers, Guidance from divine.

2: Resonating vibrations Echo through your being. Acknowledge the message, Awaken your inner seeing.

3: A gentle breeze whispers, Your name on the wind. Heeding its invitation, A new journey begins.

4: As you embrace the call, Energy flows in synchrony. Intuition heightened, Spiritual harmony.

5: Divine presence surrounds, Embracing your soul. Your name holds power, Igniting a sacred role.

6: Listen to the whispers, A spiritual guide. Signs from the universe, In which you can confide.

7: A call from beyond, A mystical connection. Heed the spiritual message, Embrace divine affection.

8: When your name is vocalized, Pay attention, don't dismiss. It's a spiritual symbol, A cosmic door to bliss.

9: So, when you hear your name, In whispers or the breeze, Embrace the cosmic invitation, As spirituality sets you free.

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