1: Get ready for an incredible journey as Gina Torres' iconic character, Jessica Pearson, transitions from "Suits" to the captivating drama series, "Pearson."

2: Witness the transformation of Jessica Pearson as she leaves behind the high-powered legal world of New York and ventures into the gritty political landscape of Chicago.

3: Experience the raw intensity as Jessica brings her formidable skills to a corrupt system that desperately needs her guidance and tenacious determination.

4: Follow Jessica's struggle as she strives to restore justice and navigate the treacherous political games in her new role as the mayor's right-hand woman.

5: Thrilling twists and surprising alliances await as Jessica unearths the truth and challenges the status quo, proving she's a force to be reckoned with.

6: Feel the excitement build as Jessica's unwavering principles clash with the compromises necessary to bring about meaningful change in the city she now calls home.

7: Discover the complexities of Jessica's personal life and witness how her past choices shape her present, adding depth to her compelling character arc.

8: Join Gina Torres as she brilliantly portrays Jessica Pearson's confident yet vulnerable journey, showcasing her impeccable acting skills and magnetic presence.

9: While "Pearson" may not be available on Netflix, be sure not to miss this captivating series that explores Jessica Pearson's powerful new chapter beyond "Suits."

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