1: 1. Quokka: A small marsupial known for its adorable smile, the Quokka is native to Australia and often found on Rottnest Island.

2: 2. Quetzal: With its vibrant plumage and long tail feathers, the Quetzal bird is a stunning sight in the rainforests of Central and South America.

3: 3. Quail: These small ground-dwelling birds are famous for their distinct call and delicious meat, making them a popular game bird worldwide.

4: 4. Queen Triggerfish: With its vibrant colors and unique fin, the Queen Triggerfish is a tropical marine fish found in coral reefs around the world.

5: 5. Quoll: This carnivorous marsupial is native to Australia and New Guinea, known for its distinctive spotted coat and voracious hunting skills.

6: 6. Quailfish: Deep-sea dwellers, Quailfish are small fish found in the ocean's twilight zone, equipped with bioluminescent organs to attract prey.

7: 7. Quahog: The hard-shelled Quahog clam is prominent along the eastern coast of North America and is often enjoyed as a tasty seafood delicacy.

8: 8. Quokka Rat: Also known as the Gilbert's Potoroo, the Quokka Rat is a critically endangered marsupial found in Western Australia's dense forests.

9: 9. Qat: Qat is a flowering shrub native to the Horn of Africa and Arabian Peninsula. The plant's leaves are chewed to produce a stimulating effect.

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