1: 1. Classic Corn Bread: Bake a batch of golden Jiffy cornbread for a delightful addition to any picnic spread.

2: 2. Cheesy Corn Bread Muffins: Upgrade your cornmeal muffins with gooey cheddar cheese for a picnic snack that everyone will love.

3: 3. Southwest Corn Bread Salad: Combine crumbled Jiffy cornbread with fresh veggies, black beans, and a tangy dressing to create a refreshing picnic salad.

4: 4. Corn Bread Pudding with Bacon: Indulge in a savory twist on a classic dessert by adding crispy bacon to your Jiffy cornbread pudding at your next picnic.

5: 5. Corn Bread Stuffing Balls: Transform your Jiffy cornbread into flavorful stuffing balls packed with herbs and spices. Perfect for a picnic or holiday gathering.

6: 6. Mini Corn Bread Sliders: Swap traditional burger buns for bite-sized Jiffy cornbread sliders filled with your favorite ingredients for a unique picnic treat.

7: 7. Sweet Corn Bread Pancakes: Start your picnic day with fluffy cornbread pancakes drizzled with maple syrup and topped with fresh fruits.

8: 8. Corn Bread Croutons: Toasted Jiffy cornbread cubes seasoned with herbs make for a crunchy and flavorful addition to any picnic salad.

9: 9. Corn Bread S'mores: Elevate your camping picnic with a twist on the classic s'mores by using Jiffy cornbread instead of graham crackers for an unforgettable sweet treat.

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