1: "After childbirth, busy girls can improve digestive health with these top exercises."

2: "1. Pelvic tilts: Strengthen your core and aid digestion with this simple move."

3: "2. Yoga twists: Twist away bloating and promote healthy digestion in a short time."

4: "3. Walking: An enjoyable exercise that boosts metabolism and aids postpartum digestion."

5: "4. Kegels: Strengthen pelvic floor muscles for improved digestion and overall health."

6: "5. Diaphragmatic breathing: Relax and stimulate digestion with deep, intentional breathing."

7: "Remember, even busy girls can prioritize postpartum digestive health with these exercises."

8: "Make time for these exercises to see significant improvements in your digestion."

9: "Consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new exercise program."

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