1: 1. Crispy Chickpeas: Enjoy a guilt-free snack with these crunchy roasted chickpeas, packed with protein and fiber. Perfectly seasoned for delightful movie nights!

2: 2. Olive Tapenade: Indulge in the rich flavors of this traditional Mediterranean spread. Made with fresh olives, herbs, and olive oil, it's a savory treat for your taste buds.

3: 3. Greek Yogurt Dip: Creamy and refreshing, this protein-packed dip is a must-try. Pair it with colorful veggie sticks for a healthy and satisfying movie snack.

4: 4. Feta and Watermelon Skewers: Experience the sweet and salty combo of juicy watermelon and tangy feta cheese. These delightful skewers will add a burst of flavor to your movie night.

5: 5. Stuffed Grape Leaves: Dive into the exotic taste of stuffed grape leaves. Filled with rice, herbs, and a zesty lemon kick, they're a Mediterranean delicacy that will elevate your snacking experience.

6: 6. Hummus and Pita Chips: Get hooked on the classic Mediterranean staple – hummus. Paired with crispy pita chips, it's a simple yet satisfying choice for your movie night cravings.

7: 7. Tzatziki Cucumber Bites: Treat yourself to these fresh and cool bites. Creamy tzatziki sauce, combined with crunchy cucumbers, creates a light and refreshing snack for your movie marathon.

8: 8. Roasted Red Pepper Dip: Delight in the smoky and slightly sweet flavors of this vibrant dip. Perfect for dipping your favorite crackers or veggies during your movie night.

9: 9. Orzo Pasta Salad: Enjoy a Mediterranean twist on a classic pasta salad. Bursting with flavors from olives, tomatoes, and feta cheese, it's a delicious and filling snack for your movie nights.

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