1 1. "Freaks and Geeks: An Underrated Gem!" 2. "Pushing Daisies: A Whimsical Mystery Tale" 3. "Firefly: A Space Western That Set Our Hearts Ablaze" 4. "Arrested Development: A Comedic Masterpiece"

2 5. "Veronica Mars: A Crime-Solving High School Detective" 6. "Deadwood: A Gritty Western Worth Its Weight in Gold" 7. "Hannibal: The Perfect Blend of Art and Horror" 8. "Terriers: A Pawsitively Captivating Crime Drama"

3 9. "Quarry: A Thrilling Tale of a Disillusioned Vietnam Vet" 10. "My So-Called Life: A Teen Drama That Defined an Era" 11. "Carnivàle: A Supernatural Saga Set in the Dust Bowl" 12. "Better Off Ted: A Hilarious Workplace Comedy"

4 13. "Jericho: A Post-Apocalyptic Gem That Deserved More" 14. "Happy Endings: A Riotous Ensemble Comedy" 15. "The OA: A Mind-Bending Blend of Fantasy and Mystery" 16. "Vinyl: A Rock 'n' Roll Drama Set in '70s New York"

5 17. "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Epic Sci-Fi Action" 18. "Sense8: A Visually Stunning and Diverse Show" 19. "Party Down: A Comedy That Delivered Non-Stop Laughs" 20. "Penny Dreadful: A Hauntingly Beautiful Gothic Horror"

6 21. "Cupid: A Delightful Quirk-Filled Romantic Comedy" 22. "Limitless: A Thrilling Crime Drama with a Twist" 23. "The Tick: A Hilarious Superhero Spoof" 24. "Spartacus: Blood and Sand: An Epic Action Drama"

7 25. "The Exorcist: A Terrifying Possession Series" 26. "Kings: A Politically Charged Drama" 27. "Almost Human: A Futuristic Police Procedural" 28. "The Glades: A Crime Drama Set in the Sunshine State"

8 29. "Forever: A Timeless Fantasy Crime Show" 30. "The Secret Circle: A Witchcraft-Fueled Mystery" 31. "Terra Nova: A Dinosaur-Packed Adventure" 32. "Lights Out: A Gripping Boxing Drama"

9 33. "Wonderfalls: A Delightfully Quirky Comedy-Drama" 34. "Trophy Wife: A Charming Blend of Comedy and Heart" 35. "Fringe: A Mind-Bending Science Fiction Thriller" 36. "The Leftovers: A Poignant Exploration of Loss and Identity"

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