12 Simple Blood Sugar Controlling Snacks - Poke Bowl Cocoabeach

1 1 avocado toast a delicious and nutritious snack loaded with healthy fats to help stabilize blood sugar levels

2 2 greek yogurt with berries creamy yogurt paired with antioxidantrich berries a perfect combination for controlling blood sugar

3 3 almonds a handful of almonds provide a satisfying crunch while helping to regulate blood sugar thanks to their fiber and protein content

4 4 hardboiled eggs a proteinpacked snack that helps maintain stable blood sugar levels throughout the day

5 5 carrot sticks with hummus crunchy carrots and proteinrich hummus create a balanced snack that aids in controlling blood sugar

6 6 cottage cheese with flaxseeds calciumrich cottage cheese combined with flaxseeds provides valuable nutrients for blood sugar management

7 7 green smoothie a refreshing blend of spinach cucumber and a touch of sweetness from fruits supporting healthy blood sugar levels

8 8 sliced apples with peanut butter the fiber in apples combined with the healthy fats in peanut butter offers a satisfying snack for blood sugar control

9 9 roasted chickpeas a flavorful snack full of fiber and protein promoting balanced blood sugar and lasting energy throughout the day